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Please note that this opportunity is only available to faculty and graduate students in Western's Faculty of Education and their collaborators.

If you are interested in submitting a publication:

  1. Prepare your synopsis
    1. Write for a general audience-tell the purpose of the research
    2. Highlight results-highlight practical applications
    3. Use the active voice
    4. Be concrete; avoid overly general sentences, e.g., "Implications are discussed."
    5. Avoid technical language; don’t assume specialized disciplinary or methodological knowledge
    6. Stay within the 75-word limit

Example of a well-written research publication synopsis by Zhouhan Jin:
I am a Ph.D. student in Applied Linguistics and my research focus is on teaching and learning vocabulary in second language acquisition. This study investigated the effects of word learning through listening to teacher talk. Because words consist of both single words and multi-word items, both types of items were tested. In order to make learners pay attention to keywords, teachers often use their first language (L1) to translate word meanings or repeat the words several times during the class. Thus, the effect of L1 translation and word repetition on word learning were also examined.

  1. Submit your publication(s)
    1. Fill out this Microsoft Form with all required information
    2. Submit the Form
    3. The publication will appear on our Recent Publications page in a few days