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Western Education celebrates academic excellence

June 13, 2022

The Faculty of Education has announced the award recipients for the 2021-22 academic year. 

W.A. Townshend Gold Medal in Education 

The Gold Medal is in honour of the Late Bishop Townshend of London, Ontario, and is awarded to the student who has achieved the highest academic standing in his/her program of study. 

Spring 2022 Convocation 

The Spring 2022 recipient of the W.A. Townshend Gold Medal is Amira Hmidan. Amira's research was on media screen time use in children and the association with mental health during the ongoing pandemic. Her study included 200 Canadian families who were followed over a one-year period.

Other Spring 2021 awards recipients 

Centre for Research & Education on Violence Against Women & Children

Elisabeth Steel Reurink Memorial Award

Jillian Auger

Scotiabank Graduate Award for Studies in Violence Against Women and Children

Armit Kaur Gill

Aadhiya Vasudeva

Canadian Research Centre on Inclusive Education Awards 

Canadian Research Centre on Inclusive Education Award 

Shamiga Arumuhathas

Jessica Delorey

Julia Ranieri

Jessica Jean Campbell Coulson Award

Kailee Liesemer

Graduate awards 

Art Geddis “Learning About Teaching” Memorial Award 

Martin Wolak  

Allen Pearson Graduate Award in Educational Leadership 

Ruth Nielsen 

Joan Pedersen Memorial Graduate Award 

Atefeh Taherian Kalati  

John Dearness Memorial Graduate Award 

Armush Salahadin  

Walter M. Lobb Ontario Graduate Scholarship 

Charlotte Carrie

Bradley Daly 

Teacher education 

Alberta O’Neil Award in Physical Education 

Nadja Van Brenk

Beatrice Helmkay Scholarship 

Cassidy Speek

D. Carlton Williams Gold Medal in Education

Florian Goetz 

Dawson Woodburn Memorial Award 

Errington Sallows

Naomi Simpson

Dean’s Award in Education 

Kaitlin Ritlop

Florian Goetz 

Don Wright Faculty of Education Music Scholarship 

Rachel Wohlgemut

Ashley Valenta

Dorothy Emery Memorial Award in Visual Arts Education 

Haliz Doskee

Susanna Argumedo

Elizabeth T. Dorner Award

Paula Martin

F.C. Biehl Memorial Award for Excellence  

Leanne Snider

Faculty of Education Students’ Council Award 

John Stephen

James Schmidt

Faculty of Education Students’ Council Award for Practice Teaching Excellence 

Erica Perilli

Harold Dene Webber Scholarship in Education 

Sarah Kay

J. Bowden Memorial Award

Alexis Pemberton

John Dearness Memorial Preservice Award 

Katelyn Martin

Laura & Ed McLeish Scholarship 

Eden Pertuccelli

Ashley Valenta

Margaret Fallona Award for Excellence in French Second Language Education 

Sarah Zapata

Matthew & Cornelia Koens Scholarship 

Sylvia Wec

Milton & Helen Walker Scholarship in Mathematics Education 

Karen Lam

Milton & Helen Walker Scholarship in Science Education 

Marshall Vokey

Retired Teachers of Ontario District 8 Student Award for Excellence in Practice Teaching 

Madyson Link

Marian De Jeu

Sylvia Cann Memorial Award 

Chantelle Mawhinney

Emily Runstedler

W. S. Turner Award

Eden Pertuccelli