Archive: SSHRC Insight Grant Workshop

July 7, 2023

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


This workshop will bring together successful grant applicants, a research officer, and an EDI Officer to provide valuable insights and guidance on the application process for SSHRC IG.

Our panellists will share their experiences and expertise, covering topics such as successful writing strategies, the administrative review process, submission procedures, important deadlines, and knowledge mobilization with a focus and EDI.

This workshop presents a great opportunity to have your questions answered and improve your grant applications.

Our panellists were:

  • Dr. Donna Kotsopoulos (SSHRC Awardee- Dean & Professor at the Faculty of Education )
  • Dr. Paul Tarc (SSHRC Awardee- Associate Professor at the Faculty of Education)
  • Jennifer Hancock (Research Grant Officer)
  • Alexandra Levine (EDID Research Officer)

Presentation Slides

Knowledge Mobilization Information



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