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Research Partners

Funding Opportunities

Writing your Grant Application

Submitting your Grant Application

Setting up your Research Account

Spending your Research Grant

Obtaining Ethics Approval

Standardized Tests for Research

  • The Faculty of Education has a Test Library. The Library holdings include a variety of standardized Psychological Tests for use for research and educational purposes. Please contact the Research Office to inquire about test availability.

Data Collection and Protection (Encryption)

  • The Faculty of Education has a licence for SuperLab, a tool for building experiments.  With SuperLab, you can present images, text, and video, and collect responses accurately from participants. Please contact the Research Office if you wish to use the program.
  • Western University's web-based survey instrument, Qualtrics, is available to faculty researchers.
  • Encryption is a mechanism that protects your valuable information, such as your research data from unwanted people accessing or changing it. See this ITS website or contact edu.tech.support@uwo.ca for information and assistance.

Research Personnel

Data Analysis

The Faculty of Education and Western have data analysis programs available. Dedoose, although not free, is a reasonably priced cross-platform application for analyzing qualitative and mixed methods research with text, photos, audio, videos, spreadsheet data and other data.

Mobilizing the Knowledge from your Research

Data Archiving