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Congratulations Fall Class of 2021 from Dean Donna Kotsopoulos

October 22, 2021

My name is Donna Kotsopoulos and I'm proud to be the dean of the Faculty of Education at Western University.

To our graduating class of 2021, on behalf of the faculty, our most sincere congratulations. Today this is your day to celebrate everything that you've accomplished during perhaps the most complex period in our collective history. Today you join more than 43,000 alumni worldwide from the Faculty of Education.

Some of you today will be graduating as teachers, others will be graduating today with a graduate degree. Continuing your careers in a wide range of fields. Whatever your path may be going forward, we challenge you to continue to achieve our faculty's vision of transforming education and transforming lives.

We are proud of you and the accomplishments and extraordinary ways in which you've approached your own learning and how you've contributed to the complex landscape of education since March of 2020.

We hope you will take the time to celebrate with your family and those closest to you. We trust that these important people in your lives are equally as proud of you as we are. We encourage you to stay connected. We want to hear from you, we want to hear about your successes and your stories.

And if you are ever in London, we hope that you will visit us on campus and we certainly hope that we'll see you next year at homecoming in 2022. You are the graduating class of 2021 and we wish you all the best in everything that you do.