Faculty of Education welcomes 13 Faculty Fellows

March 20, 2015

Western’s Faculty of Education is pleased to announce the appointment of 13 Faculty Fellows in its Doctor of Education (EdD) in Educational Leadership degree, each of whom is a distinguished expert in the field of education, research and practice.

The Fellows will play a number of important roles during their tenure at Western, including teaching and guest lecturing, and will help to create global networking opportunities for practicing leaders and researchers. They will also help contribute to the EdD degree in an advisory capacity that is informed by their international reputation and knowledge.

“This is an incredibly exciting opportunity to extend and deepen our networks between professionals, and further develop our international partnerships,” says Vicki Schwean, dean of the Faculty of Education. “Our students are tremendously lucky to have the opportunity to learn from such a well-respected group of academics and professionals.”

The Fellows come from nationally and internationally respected schools, including the University of Alberta, the University of South Queensland, the Institute of Education, University of London, Boston College and Texas A&M University.

“When I learned the plan was to bring in scholars from around the world, not just to inform the program design but to be present and take an active role with students, to me it was unheard of,” said Elizabeth Murakami, professor at Texas A&M University, San Antonio and new Faculty Fellow. “They’ve brought everyone together to improve the field of educational leadership, and to benefit students and scholars. It’s tremendously exciting.”

Many of the Fellows come from schools that are members of the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate (CPED), a group of more than 80 colleges and faculties of education dedicated to the design and redesign of EdD programs.

Western’s Faculty of Education joined the CPED consortium as one of only two Canadian institutional members in January 2014.

“The EdD is aimed at leaders in education – a distinct group of professionals with distinct needs,” says Elan Paulson, director of the EdD program at the Faculty of Education. “CPED enables us to gather with like-minded individuals and educational institutes to inform our EdD program and ensure we’re providing these leaders with an education that is most relevant to their practice. We’re thrilled many of our Faculty Fellows are aligned with this type of thinking.”

The Fellows have taken an immediate interest in the Faculty of Education’s EdD program, with many seeking ways to be involved as soon as possible. Murakami will deliver the first live lecture to EdD students this summer from Texas via Skype.

Learn more about each of the new appointees, visit the Faculty Fellows profile page.