Tarek Faid

Curriculum Studies and Studies in Applied Linguistics

Tarek Faid

Curriculum Studies and Studies in Applied Linguistics

I am a PhD candidate at Western University’s Faculty of Education, Curriculum Studies and Studies in Applied Linguistics.

As a researcher and devoted educator with more than 35 years of experience—especially in the nonformal education field, I believe that a valid education should aim to prepare young people to become active and successful global citizens.

My research focuses on Global Citizenship Education, which is one of the three strategic priorities in education identified by the United Nations as a response to the arising interconnected global challenges of the 21st Century via adopting a relevant and transformative education that nurtures the values of active care, peace, tolerance, justice, and inclusiveness.

Aiming at investigating the existence of global citizenship education in the scout programs in view of the related scholarly theories and literature, My doctoral research focuses on exploring the potential of the Arab Senior Scouts Curriculum (2011) to contribute to the education of young people (15-17 years of age) in the Arab world to become global citizens.

I am fortunate to have the support of Dr. Isha DeCoito who supervises my research.

My background includes working for highly successful and reputable—formal, non-formal, national, and international—educational institutions (schools, universities, and Non-Governmental Organizations) where I assumed various leadership and executive roles.

Throughout my journey, I worked in international and multi-cultural environments characterized by diversity and intercultural differences which helped me in gaining intercultural communication skills. Besides, the time that I invested in graduate research in globalization and global citizenship education has been invaluable to deepen my understanding of different educational theories and worldviews. Furthermore, my volunteer and professional practices allowed me to gain a wide range of knowledge, experience, relationships, strong leadership and interpersonal abilities.

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