Faculty of Education

Visiting Scholars

Dr. Fred Dervin
University of Helsinki, Finland
June 2012

Dr. Fred Dervin

Upon the invitation of Dr. Julie Byrd Clark, and successful application for the Visiting Scholar Award, Dr. Fred Dervin, from the University of Helsinki, Finland, came to the Faculty of Education during the month of June 2012. During his visit, Dr. Dervin gave four public lectures, one of them included a keynote address at the 2012 RICE Symposium. Dr. Fred Dervin’s visit proved to be a very successful one as well as a productive one. The sheer magnitude of his publications and expertise coupled with his pleasant and accessible demeanour invited students, staff, and faculty members to engage with him in lively discussions and intellectual debate. Graduate students and faculty benefited from meeting with and having the opportunity to discuss their proposed and current research projects with Professor Dervin. His impact has also been felt in the extent to which he has energized both student and faculty interest in digital technologies and multimodality; “self-other” relations in complex, transnational spaces as well as international mobilization; exploring new and innovative comparative approaches and methods for international education research. http://blogs.helsinki.fi/dervin/.