Indigenous education is sui generis (a thing of it's own kind)

We affirm and honour the university’s strategic commitments and responsibilities to Indigenous communities and learners. Guided by institutional, national, and international Indigenous policy agendas that recognize Indigenous rights, we prioritize, foster, and promote Indigenous educational sovereignty, Indigenous ways of knowing and learning, and transformative decolonial pedagogies in our teaching and learning activities. Our principles and initiatives develop and strengthen partnerships in Indigenous Research, and community engagement as well as teaching and service across learners with a particular focus on Indigenous learners.

Towards Western at 150
People, Community, and Culture


Recognize and affirm that Indigenous Education is sui generis (a thing of its own kind) and requires pathways that may not be consistent with existing organizational structures and administrative approaches

Increase Indigenous faculty, students, and staff members across all areas

Partner with local Indigenous communities to support language revitalization and build on the Master of Professional Education program in the Field of Indigenous Education

Support Indigenous scholars, research models and learning, including creating an Indigenous research space and hands-on learning experiences for students

Create placements in Indigenous educational settings for teacher candidates and graduate students