Dr Jason Brown, PhD

Professor - Applied Psychology

Dr Jason Brown, PhD

Professor - Applied Psychology

Jason is a psychologist and professor with interests in strengths-based approaches to mental health. Recently he has been involved in research with foster families, newcomer families, Indigenous youth, and service providers as well as families of individuals affected by prenatal alcohol exposure. Jason is interested in social justice issues and how they are defined and taken up by professionals providing counselling and psychotherapy as well as applications of a mixed-method approach to research called concept mapping.


Much of my work has been done in partnership with non-government community- based organizations delivering health, social, educational, or correctional services. This collaborative research emphasizes the gifts and assets of individuals, families, and communities facing significant challenges.

Funded Research

J. Brown & S. Serbinski (2016). Supporting the sons and daughters of foster parents: Integrating research and practice wisdom, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Connection Grant $23,773.

E. Nowicki & J. Brown (2015). Social inclusion and exclusion at school: A cross-sectional concept mapping study, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Insight Grant, $131,401.

J. Brown, D. Ashbourne, K. Harris, & A. Geddes (2015). Partners in the diagnosis of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Planning Grant, $12,500.

Recent Publications

Selected Books

Brown, J. (in press). Community development in Canada, Third Edition. Toronto, ON: Pearson Education.

Brown, J. (2019). Reflective practice of counseling and psychotherapy in a diverse society. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

Brown, J. (2019). Anti-oppressive counselling and psychotherapy. New York: Routledge.

Brown, J. (2017). Counselling diversity in context. Toronto, ON: University of Toronto Press.

Chapters In Books

Brown, J., Kapasi, A., Bird, R. (2015). Caregivers of children who are prenatally exposed to alcohol. Parenting: Behaviors, Cultural Influences and Impact on Childhood Health. New York: Nova.

Nowicki, E., & Brown, J. (2015). Concept mapping with children: The social exclusion of schoolmates with exceptionalities. SAGE Research Methods Case Series. New York: SAGE.

Selected Publications

Brown, J., Serbinski, S., Gerrits, J., & Anderson, L. (2016). Engagement tactics with foster parents: Experiences of resource workers. Social Work & Social Sciences Review, 18, 3.

Oolup, C., Brown, J., Nowicki, E., & Aziz, D. (2016). The emotional experience and expression of anger: Children's perspectives. Child & Adolescent Social Work, 33, 279-292.

Riel, E., Languedoc, S., Brown, J., Gerrits, J. (2016). Couples counseling for Aboriginal clients following intimate partner violence: Service providers’ perceptions of risk. International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology, 60, 286-307.

Brown, J. & Fraehlich, C. (2014). Education and employment opportunities among staff in Aboriginal family services agencies. Child and Family Social Work, 19, 1-13.

Other Publications

Brown, J., Seymour, C., Wiebe, C., Gerrits, J., Ivanova, V., Mehta, N., Skrodzki, D. (2010). Needs and Challenges of Aboriginal Foster Parents. Funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

Brown, J., Rodger, S., Fraehlich, C., Christensen, T., Champagne, M., Gerrits, J., & Ticar, J. (2009). School Experiences of Aboriginal Youth in the Inner City. Funded by the Canadian Council on Learning.

Mignone, J., Henley, H., Brown, J., O'Neil, J., & Ross, W. (2008). Information and Communication Technology in Aboriginal Communities in Canada: Increasing Aboriginal Social Capital. Funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

Brown, J., Knol, D., Fraehlich, C., Campbell, M., Klimpke, E., Kuik, S., Roldan, M., & Ross, W. (2007). Adult learning in Aboriginal community-based inner-city organizations. Funded by the Canadian Council on Learning.

Brown, J., Friel, J., Hanning, R., Lengyel, C., & Isaak, C. (2007). Acculturation and food use patterns of urban Aboriginal peoples. Funded by the Manitoba Institute of Child Health & the Faculty of Human Ecology (U of Manitoba) Endowment Fund.

Brown, J., Higgitt, N., Wingert, S., Knol, D., Block, H., Barkman, M., Charette, C., Jarman, L., Miller, C., & Parenteau, D. (2006). Second-stage housing for Aboriginal ex-offenders in Winnipeg's inner city. Funded by the Winnipeg Inner City Research Alliance.

Brown, J., Knol, D., Block, H., Prevost-Derbecker, S., Andrushko, K., Jarman, L., MIller, C., & Parenteau, D. (2006). Homeless youth in Winnipeg's inner city. Funded by National Secretariat on Homelessness.

Brown, J., Higgitt, N., Wingert, S., Miller, C., & Morrissette, L. (2004). Shared responsibility: Building communities in Winnipeg's North End. Funded by the Winnipeg Inner City Research Alliance

Brown, J., Moraes, S., Bednar, L., Mayhew, J., Gammon, H., Hofsted, T., Kendel, D., Loeppky, R., Moore, T., Park, J., Peel, E., Ridd, B., & Wiebe, B. (2004). Promoting successful foster placements for children with disabilities. Funded by the Association for Community Living - Manitoba.

Brown, J. & Bednar, L. (2003). Foster parent needs, challenges and motives. Distributed by the Manitoba Foster Family Network.

Languedoc, S. & Brown, J. (2003). Reducing family violence in Canadian Aboriginal communities: Development of a comprehensive prevention program. Funded by the National Crime Prevention Centre.

Teaching and Supervision

I am interested in holistic and strength-based approaches to individual, family and community wellness.

Courses Taught at Western:

  • Counselling Practicum

Selected Graduate Student Thesis Topics/Titles:

Youths’ experiences with social media and relationships

Cultural identities of adolescent Muslim immigrants

Perceptions of media coverage of mental health

Community supports for young adults with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder

Children’s experiences of anger

Experiences of newcomer youths with their families

Spirituality among Indigenous foster parents

First Nations youths’ experiences with wellness: A four directions approach

Living in this body: Hearing the voices of women with disabilities